Programming Note: The Fair Jilt Does Mission: Impossible

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This week is the 20th anniversary of the first Mission: Impossible film. For reasons that seem strange even to us, we are celebrating this anniversary with a symposium on the film. Over the next week or two we’ll be posting essays on a variety of M:I aspects: analyzing it as a film, locating it within the geopolitical environment of the day, contextualizing its soundtrack relative to other 1990s soundtracks, discussing what a big move this was for Tom Cruise (and thus mid-1990s American cinema), and praising Emilio Estevez’s best film performance since The Might Ducks. Among other things. We’ll have several interesting guest contributors as well.

So check in periodically or follow our Twitter feed (@fairjilt) for updates. Also note: as of last night Mission: Impossible was available for free stream on Amazon Prime, so if you want a refresher you can find it there.

Up first, a Mission: Impossible Roundtable: Twenty years later we talk Ethan Hunt as the American anti-Bond, the oddness of Brian De Palma helming a blockbuster franchise, and how M:I changed Tom Cruise’s career.

From Kindred Winecoff, the Mission: Impossible soundtrack’s place in the surprising pantheon of great 90’s movie soundtracks.

From Amanda Grigg, why you’re missing out if you’re talking about Mission: Impossible without also talking about Tom Cruise and Scientology. 

From Josh Smicker, Ethan Hunt, the 90s as Transition, and the Power of Non-Identity in Mission: Impossible.

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