QOTD: From Summers to Keynes to Marx in One Step

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Today we’re calling that idea “secular stagnation”. Which of course sounds more impressive than plain old “abundance” and new enough to be able to distance itself from Marxist economics.

I know no one cares what I think, but I think Izabella Kaminska is one of the few intriguing writers on political economy these days. I know no on cares about political economy these days, even though they should.

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2 thoughts on “QOTD: From Summers to Keynes to Marx in One Step

  1. Even though a lot of it’s above my paygrade, and people should care even less what I think, Ive been thinking the same thing about Izabella Kaminska. And have been called a dilettante for my troubles. Imagine that.
    I love the wapo wonderkids and all, but I would have been more interested to see what she would have done with their resources

  2. Interesting. Brad Delong links her a lot as well, though I’ve always thought that her claims that we’re in a capital crisis contradicted his own claim that there was no over-accumulation of capital (in the “Seven sects of macro error” post).

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